Natural Fibres

Natural Fibres

volatile organic compounds

Synthetic area rugs and carpets commonly off-gas toxic, harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) into the air. These VOC’s can be emitted from both the synthetic fibers that make up the rug pile and the synthetic glues used in the backing. Who wants to breathe that stuff? VOC’s can cause a multitude of unpleasant symptoms including eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. Whether one suffers from allergies, has a sensitive respiratory system or not—choosing a natural fiber area rug which does not off-gas is a positive choice that helps create a healthier environment in your home. Jute area rugs are highly recommended for Eczema skin condition.

Jute is a soft, flexible and hard wearing fiber that is well-suited to a natural area rug or floor covering material. Jute Long, soft and shiny fibers are among the strongest, most flexible vegetable fibers. Nicknamed the “Golden Fiber” for its beautiful luster Exhibits naturally anti-static, insulating and moisture regulating properties Jute is predominantly farmed by approximately four million small farmers in India and Bangladesh and supports hundreds of thousands of workers in jute manufacturing (from raw material to yarn and finished products) Aussbond distinctive 100% jute natural fiber rugs are woven in India and will resist wear and tear thanks to the abrasion-resistant properties of the fiber. Jute fiber is considered an eco-friendly material that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Aussbond jute is selected for fiber length, flexibility, strength, and luster and the fibers are carefully spun to produce strong, consistent yarns. Our jute designs feature thick, bold weave structures that are comfortable underfoot and add a distinctive element of texture to a room.

Wool is very resilient and its texture allows it to quickly recover from crushing or indenting caused by footsteps or furniture. This natural resilience also keeps the rug looking new and fresh for longer periods of time. Wool has a natural ability to resist staining and soiling. In fact it has more than a 30% higher rate of stain resistance than even the best synthetic fibers. It’s so good at resisting stains because of the natural light lanolin that coats the surface of the wool. This coating helps stop dirt and stains from actually penetrating the wool leaving any soiling on or near the surface. That’s why spills on wool is very easy to clean. Wool fiber is also flame resistant providing natural flame retardant without the addition of chemicals. Because of this wool is an excellent choice for any room in your home and especially for childrens room. Wool is also very durable and will last for many years without showing signs of wear. While wool rugs cost slightly more than synthetic rugs, because of its exceptional long life.

Rugs made from Sisal are strong and beautiful, and can be a lasting addition to a living room, bedroom, office, or hallway, because of its unique advantages.Despite the yarn durability sisal is known for, slight matting of sisal carpeting may occur in high-traffic areas.[5] Sisal carpet does not build up static nor does it trap dust, so vacuuming is the only maintenance required. High-spill areas should be treated with a fibre sealer and for spot removal, a drycleaning powder is recommended.Sisal is used by itself in carpets or in blends with wool and acrylic for a softer hand. when compared with other natural fiber rugs, sisal rugs are a smart choice. They are extremely strong and versatile, ideal for high traffic areas like hallways. They also have the unique ability to be tightly woven with other textiles, such as wool or jute, to give the combined benefits of both fibers. Many prefer a rug with wool and sisal because it is warm, soft, and durable. sisal a perfect carpet material for larger families with pets and children that are constantly running throughout the house and leaving a lot of mess in their wake. Despite their coarse feel and rough texture, sisal carpets also provide a surprisingly warm, inviting appearance for a standard living area, and its neutral hue makes it suitable for almost any room in the home.