A Proud Partner Of Goodweave

GOODWEAVE is a global nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in India, Nepal and Afghanistan.As fa proud partner of GOODWEAVE, AUSSBOND adheres to the highest ethical standards for rug production and vows to be 100% child-labor free.

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One of the most noticeably exciting and impressive differences of Aussbond’s production is the almost all female employee environment. Goodweave takes seriously the responsibility of empowering Indian women through employment. In doing so, Goodweave has helped women overcome the difficulties they face from their Indian culture working outside the home, enabling them to support their families financially and contribute to the strengthening of the struggling economy of India.



The obstacles women face in entering the workforce do not end with attaining a job. Rather, a new dilemma is born as mothers struggle to be both job holder and mother. In an effort to be both, female weavers often are forced to neglect their young children when they bring them to work. Understanding the problems mothers face, and that a factory is not the ideal environment for young children, Goodweave has day care facilities on premises where the children of weavers can learn and play in a healthy and supervised environment. Once these children are of school age, Goodweave assists the mother’s in entering their children into school through financial support. By investing in the weavers’ children they help to create a more stable and healthy life for the weavers’ families and establish a stronger foundation for the future of the family and society.