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Panama Iron Checks
Handspun Jute Fancy Iron/ Handspun Jute Rope Ivory Tucked Ends Latex Backed:Master artisans weave dense, hand-spun jute into thick ropes, then weave those together into a classic basket or Panama weave. Naturally resilient and superbly long-wearing, the rug is finished with slightly uneven hand-bou..
Aqua Jute Rug
Braided Jute Natural/Aqua/TurquoiseSoft, hand-spun jute, aqua.,natural silver  and turquoise  gives this hand-woven rug a luxurious feel and ocean look. Handcrafted  by highly skilled artisan rug makers in India and no two are alike. Given their handwoven nature, slight variatio..
 Herringbone Navy
Handspun Jute Navy Blue/3/4" Gold Braid HerringboneHerringbone displays the ultra golden color of Jute in a thick braid. First hand braided, than hand woven in a traditional herringbone pattern this makes a great accent rug.  The beautiful  thick braided Jute rug create a soft and durable ..
Designer Stripe Jute Rug-Latex Backed
Handloom Woven Soft Jute Natural Silver/Designer Black Diamond And Herringbone Multi Weave Stripes With Tucked Ends Latex Backed.Jute in natural grey tones with designer stripes in black is used to create our incredibly durable and stylish rug. Long noted for its strong silky fibers, we are most fon..