Recommended Cleaning Solutions

Care and Cleaning Your Jute Area Rug

The first step is to use a coarse doormat or a walk-off mat at your front door. This will provide a great deal of protection for your new rug. The goal is to remove as much of the outside dirt as possible from the shoes of those entering your home.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions

Use the mixtures and combinations described below according to the spill description chart at right. Always place the solutions in a spraybottle and mist them lightly onto the soiled spot.
  • Detergent Solution
  • Mix one teaspoon of clear dishwashing liquid with one cup of lukewarm water.
  • Solvent Solution
  • Use Host Spot Remover or any consumer-brand dry cleaning solvent.
  • Vinegar Solution
  • Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1/4 cup water.
  • Ammonia Solution
  • Mix one tablespoon clear household ammonia with 1/2 cup water.
A. Use Host Dry Cleaner for Carpets.
B. Apply solvent then blot, detergent then blot,water then blot.
C. Apply detergent then blot, ammonia then blot, detergent then blot, water then blot.
D. Apply detergent then blot, vinegar then blot,detergent then blot, water then blot.
E. Apply detergent then blot, ammonia then blot, vinegar then blot, detergent then blot,water then blot.
F. Apply detergent then blot, ammonia then blot, water then blot, solvent then blot.
G. Freeze with ice cube then shatter with blunt object and vacuum out chips, apply solvent then blot. (For wax paper, place paper towel or paper bag over wax, iron with warm, not hot, iron to absorb.
H. Apply cool water then blot, ammonia then blot, detergent then blot, water then blot.
I. Apply acetone polish remover (not oily) then blot; repeat.
Sr.No Items Details Method Using Sr.No Items Details Method Using
1 Beer or liquor A or D 23 Mascara A or B
2 Blood A 24 Mayonnaise A or C
3 Butter A or B 25 Merthiolate A and E
4 Candy A or E 26 Milk A and E
5 Catsup A or C 27 Nail Polish I and A
6 Chewing gum A or G 28 Oil-cooking A or B
7 Chocolate A or E 29 Oil-furniture A or B
8 Coffee A or D 30 Paint-latex A or F
9 Crayon B and A 31 Paint-oil base A or B
10 Egg A or C 32 Rust A
11 Feces A or C 33 Shoe polish(liquid) A or B
12 Food colour C and A 34 Shoe polish(paste) A or B
13 Fruit juice A or E 35 Soft drinks A or E
14 Furniture polish A or B 36 Tar A and B
15 Furniture polish with stain A or C 37 Tea A or D
16 Glue / Model Cement I 38 Urine A or E
17 Glue-white C and A 39 Watercolors A or F
18 Gravy A or E 40 Wax candle-color G
19 Hair spray A or B 41 Wax candle--white G
20 Hand lotion A or B 42 Wine A or E
21 Ice cream A or B      
22 Ink-ballpoint A or E      
23 Ink-marker A or B      
24 Lipstick A or B      

Care and Cleaning

To maintain the original beauty and to prolong the life of your jute rug, vacuuming once or twice weekly is very important. This will regularly remove the fine dirt particles that can lodge between the fibers and cause additional wear.


Natural fiber rugs may experience “sprouting” which is when small fibers stick up from the rug some time after installation. Sprouting is common with rugs made from shorter fibers that are loosely woven, such as jute.

Removing Spills and Spots

Spills and spots on natural fiber rugs need immediate attention. A liquid spill left untreated will act as a magnet to any dirt particles that are in the rug, causing the dirt to rise to the surface.

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